As Ozbekler we manufacture and supply tire repair kits, garage equipments, tire materials, tire changer machines, wheel alignments, wheel balancers, lifting platforms, nitrogen machines, ring spanner sets, hand tools, compressors, air impact wrenchs, floor jacks, tire repair patches, rubber products, rubber derived products, tire repair kit, garage equipment, tire material, tire changer machine, wheel alignment, wheel balancer, lifting platform, nitrogen machine, ring spanner set, hand tool, compressor, air impact wrench, floor jack, tire repair patche, rubber product, rubber derived product, pneumatic tools, inner tubes, patches, tires, tyres, tyre repair equipments, jacks, lever jacks, hydraulic jacks, balance machines, tire changer machines, pneumatic tool, inner tube, patch, tire, tyre, tyre repair equipment, aerosol, tire repair kit, bead sealer, rust remover, liquid bufffer, montage cream, brake disc clean, air conditioner clean, multi purpose spray, silicone spray, engine cleaner, sticker remover, carb cleaner, contact cleaner, mold remover, mold cleaner, component adhesive, jack... Özbekler Lastik Oto İnş. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti 40 years experience and having the knowledge along with the production and sale of more than 15 years, is excited to share with our dear customers. Since its inception, tire repair materials and engaged in producing and selling garage equipment, also It performs the import and export in our company which has specialized staff; Tire changer machines , wheel alignment , wheel balancers, lifting platforms, nitrogen machines, ring spanner set, hand tools, compressors, air impact wrenchs ,floor jacks, tire repair patches ,rubber and derived product and producing and selling of air tubes Our company which has established from the first moment, thanks to passion to succed and with emphasis on quality,It has become the leading company in its sector in a short time. Company unchangeable principle is always quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable price. The firm which has working following principle ; "The guarantee of the success and sustainability of production is honesty and quality service" thanking for your closed interest and wish to inform that today and in the future will continue to serve you.

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